Goat Anti Pro BDNF (Human) Antibody

产品名称:Goat Anti Pro BDNF (Human) Antibody

英文名称:Goat Anti Pro BDNF (Human) Antibody

产品编号:  A00752-07-100

规格: 100 ug



Pro Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) (19-247) and Pro BDNF (19-128) are two bioactive BDNF proteins.



Goat Anti Human Pro BDNF Antibody

Code No.: A00752-07-100

Size: 100 ug

Host: Goat

Antigen: human Pro BDNF Rec.

Ab Type: Polyclonal Purified
Specificity: Pro BDNF (19-128) and Pro BDNF (19-247)

Purification: Protein G

Applications: E, IHC

Data Sheet: PDF



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