High Sensitivity Pro BMP-8B (Human) ELISA Kit

产品名称:High Sensitivity Pro BMP8B (Human) ELISA Kit



厂家:Aviscera Bioscience


BMP8B as a novel Batokine is secreted from Brown Adipose Tissue and enhances energy dissipation. BMP8B is a Biomarker of Cancer, Metablic Syndrome and Osteoporosis. New Pro BMP8B Assay Kits were formulated by new Monoclonal Antibody Pairs and calibrated by human Pro BMP8B recombinant

HS Pro BMP-8B (Human) ELISA Kit

Code No.: SK00017-01

Size: 96T

Standard Range: 0.5 ~ 32 ng/ml

Sensitivity: 100 pg/ml

Caliberation: Human Pro BMP-8B Rec

Specificity:Human Pro BMP8B

Sample Type: Serum, plasma

Dilution Factor: 5 ~10 for plasma

Intra-CV: 4-6%

Inter-CV: 4-8%

Data   Sheet:PDF



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