Soluble Receptor ACE2 Ligand Binding Assay Kit (96T)

产品名称:Soluble Receptor ACE2 Ligand Binding Assay Kit (96T)



厂家:Aviscera Bioscience



  • The Soluble Receptor ACE2 Function Assay with Dynamic Binding

  • High Purity of Specifc Ligand S1 Spike Protein (2019-nCoV) (HEK293 derived)

  • High Sensitivity EC50 at hundred pM

  • 96 wells for large samples test

  • total three hours Testing

  • contact us for detail


    • Protein ID: NP_068576.1

    • Gene ID: NM_021804.2

    • Sequence: Human ACE2 (18-740) extracellular domain.

    • Tag: His Tag on its C-Terminus

    • Expression: HEK293 animal free culture

    • MW: 110-120 KD

    • Purity: >95%

    • Endotoxin:< 1.0 EU per μg protein as determined by the LAL method.

    • Biological activity test: EC50= 413 pM, dynamic range from 18.375 ~ 1174 pM.Specifically Binding to the RBD-Fc Spike Protein of 2019-nCoV Recombinant (HEK293) solid phase support.

    • Biological activity test: EC50= 79 pM, dynamic range from 4.59 ~ 294

    • pM.Specifically Binding to the S1 Spike Protein of

    • 2019-nCoV His Tag Recombinant (HEK293)solid phase support.



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